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Contains all the farm level information. Includes details about the farmer, the farm, husbandry and management practices and markets.
Contains information about the dam at each visit, this includes subjective assessments of the dams health, girth measurements, ‘California Mastitis Test’ results and disorders of the udder areas. Dam phenotype information is also included in this table.
Contains information about the calf at each visit, this includes weight and girth measurements, rectal temperature, presence of ectoparasites as well as movement in and out of the herd between visits and illnesses within the herd. Calf phenotype information is also included in this table.
Contains the results of all the tests carried out on the calves and dams.
Information about the clinical episodes the calf experienced. Contains infomation on the body part affected by the disorder, the disorder/lesion and the extent of the lesion.
Contains the information from the post-mortem reports for the calf that died and provides information on the cause of death for the calf.
Information about the samples taken at each visit and links the visit to the samples stored in the biobank.
Contains the results of a follow-up questionnaire which happened one year after the IDEAL project was completed to find out what had happened to them; if they where alive, dead or sold and if they had offspring.